Message From The Head Teacher

Dear Parents and Children,

We believe that every child is special and at Drayton Park we aim to provide a happy and stimulating environment where every child has the opportunity to develop intellectually, physically, emotionally and socially to the best of their ability.

In our school parents are recognised as partners and we want to work together to help your child to grow into a happy, independent and responsible person. You are always welcome in school to discuss any aspects of our work and your help is always greatly appreciated. We hope that you will support your children and the school to achieve our aims by taking a keen interest in the life of our school and in your child’s progress.

Jo Alikhan | Headteacher


  • School Dinners There is a daily choice of either a main meal, vegetarian meal, jacket potato or packed lunch option; plus a pudding provided by Tiny Tots Cuisine. Meals are cooked fresh on
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General Info

  • School Day Please ensure that your child arrives in good time for the start of the morning session at 8.45am. However, please note that the playground is unsupervised before school starts and we cannot
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  • Aims We believe it’s vital that each child knows that teachers and parents are working as partners in order that he or she does as well as possible. When your child starts school
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The Curriculum

  • The Education Reform Act 1988 requires schools to teach the core and foundation subjects of the National Curriculum. Our aim is to provide a broad balanced curriculum based on first hand experience and
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About Us

  • About The School Drayton Park School opened as a combined school in 1995 when the two schools known as Lakes First and Lakes Middle combined. It then became a primary school in 2006.
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  • We are always improving and we aim to be a school where all children will find learning enjoyable and valuable. From time to time we have parent Governor vacancies and I hope that
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